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Rules and Regulations

New Admission and University requirement

  • Admissions will only be confirmed when full payment of the prescribed fee has been made.
  • Students’ admission process is carried out by receiving the eligibility certificate (if required). The student shall obtain their eligibility certificate from the university.
  • If original documents like mark sheet of the qualifying examination, migration certificate/transfer certificate, and gap certificate are not produced during the admission, then the admission is liable to be cancelled.

Fee Payment Schedule

  • Each course is designed with a different fee structure specified by the University.
  • New joiners should pay their term fees in one schedule. Existing students are permitted to pay the fees in two instalments within the date specified by the management.
  • In case of delay in fee deposition, a fine of Rs.50/- per day will be imposed for arts and science students. The fine amount of Rs.100/-is levied for every day for the late payment of fees for Cheran Institute of Health science.
  • The payment of fees within time specified by the university is the responsibility of the guardians and the students themselves.
  • The annual course fee for all the courses may be increased according to the university norms.

Dress code

  • Proper dress code should be followed by the students inside the campus.
  • Female students should wear Chudidhar with pinned Dupattas along with their identity cards.


  • All students must attend all theory and practical classes compulsorily and regularly during college hours.
  • Students will be terminated, and no excuse will be entertained if the attendance is less than 75%. Students will not be eligible to appear in the university examination according to the norms of the university.
  • All leave applications shall be submitted to the faculty in-charge of their department.
  • Any student absent for more than seven consecutive days will have to inform the concerned head of the departments or the respective class teacher.
  • If a student remains absent for 30 days, his/her admission can be cancelled by the principal.
  • The percentage of attendance shall directly be reflected in the internal assessment marks of the students.

Hostel Rules

  • Rooms once allotted to the students for an academic year, will not be changed.
  • Students should not tamper with any of the electrical and other permanent fittings in the room and any loss or damage shall be recovered from the occupants concerned. Unauthorized use of electrical appliances will lead to expulsion of the student from the hostel.
  • Any student who is removed from the college will automatically cease to be member of the hostel. Accommodation in the hostel will not be given to students who are not active boarders in the hostel.
  • Day scholars are not permitted to enter the hostel on any reason.
  • No person or student other than the boarder should be found in the hostel. If anyone is found, action will be taken against the boarder in whose room the person is found.
  • Students should not paste any posters/pictures etc on the walls and doors, windows and shelves.
  • When students go out of their rooms during night for a fairly longer duration, they should switch off the lights.
  • Ragging in any form is totally prohibited. The offenders will be severely dealt with, by way of expulsion from the colleges as well as the hostel.
  • Students who join the hostel will not be permitted to vacate until they complete the course, failing which they will abide by the action taken by the principal.

Girls Hostel

  • Inmates will be allowed to go home once a month only if their parents give written requisition stating the reasons and durations of absence. They will be permitted to go home only for valid reasons.
  • Only the authorized persons (including parents) are permitted to visit their wards. For this purpose, visiting cards with photos of the authorized persons affixed and attested by the warden are given to the inmate. Whenever they visit their wards, they should bring the visiting cards issued by the hostel authorities.