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M.Sc (Child Health Nursing) is a two-year postgraduate nursing course that provides healthcare education to preserve the well-being of kids. Child Health Nursing imparts students with enriched knowledge, making them support the toddlers depending on the patient’s condition and treatment methods and assisting their emotions. M.Sc nursing program utilises a purposeful and child-centred approach that realises the requirements for children’s services. Child healthcare services are considered necessary and related to the daily needs of the paediatrics sector.

Eligibility and Features

  • M.Sc. Nursing, or Master of Science in Nursing, is a 2-year postgraduate-level programme which aims at catering to the field of Nursing and Applied Sciences.
  • Students who have completed a course in BSc Nursing or Post-Basic BSc Nursing will be eligible to pursue a M.Sc. in Nursing course.
  • However, it is mandatory for students to secure at least an aggregate of 50% marks in their undergraduate level.

Advanced Degree

After successfully completing the M.Sc Nursing course, the student can proceed in higher studies by applying M.Phil., and PhD in Nursing.

Career Opportunity

S.NO Career Opportunity
1 Graduates find employment areas in sectors like Clinical Research
2 Collaborative Clinical Practice
3 Migrant Clinics
4 School-Based Clinics
5 Specialty Practice
6 Medically Underserved Areas
7 Medical Colleges/Universities
8 The graduates can acquire various designations such as Nurse Educator
9 Paediatrician
10 School Health Nurse
11 Dietician and Nutritionist
12 Clinical Instructor