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Maternal Health Nursing inculcates the student’s leadership skills to handle stressful maternal and child health healthcare settings. This course trains the students with interprofessional skills to serve childbearing women and kids under 5 years old. The general nursing course prepares students to evaluate patient requirements and offers adequate nursing facilities.

Eligibility and Features

  • M.Sc. Nursing, or Master of Science in Nursing, is a 2-year postgraduate-level programme which aims at catering to the field of Nursing and Applied Sciences.
  • Students who have completed a course in BSc Nursing or Post-Basic BSc Nursing will be eligible to pursue a M.Sc. in Nursing course.
  • However, it is mandatory for students to secure at least an aggregate of 50% marks in their undergraduate level.
The M.Sc.IT program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within five to seven years after graduation
PEO1Empower students to critically analyze current trends and learn future issues from a system perspective at multiple levels of detail and abstraction.
PEO2Acquire higher degree of technical skills in problem solving and application development
PEO3Exhibit continuous learning and research for the societal upliftment with human values and ethics

Advanced Degree

After successfully completing the M.Sc Nursing course, the student can proceed to higher studies by applying for an M.Phil. and a PhD in Nursing.

After the successful completion of M.Sc. IT program, the students are expected to
PSO1Able to work out effective and efficient real time solutions using acquired knowledge in computer science domain including theory, programming, algorithms, databases and web development.
PSO2Motivate students to pursue lifelong learning and to do research as computing experts and scientists to meet the requirement of corporate world and Industry standard to provide solutions to industry, society and business.
PSO3Acquire professional skills in software design process and practical competence in broad range of open source programming languages to withstand technological change and provide solutions to new ideas and innovations
PSO4Acquire the knowledge of advanced programming skills and distributed environmental need for sustainable development.
PSO5Able to pursue careers in IT industry/ consultancy/ research and development, teaching and allied areas related to Information Technology.

Career Opportunity

S.NO Career Opportunity
1 Post-Graduate students can find employment in various areas such as Babysitting
2 Hospital Administration Jobs
3 Women’s Healthcare Centres
4 Nursing Homes
5 Medical Colleges/Universities
6 Private Clinics
7 The students acquire designations like Healthcare Assistant.
8 Nurse Manager
9 Nurse Superintendent
9 Ophthalmology Nurse
9 Staff Nurse in leading hospitals
On successful completion of the M.Sc. IT program
PO1Develop creativity and problem solvingskills with the knowledge of computing and mathematics.
PO2Ability to develop and carry out experiments, interpret and infer data.
PO3Design algorithms and develop software to aid solutions to industry and governments.
PO4Review the latest technology and tool handling mechanism.
PO5Analyze the outcome to solve global environment related issues
PO6Apply the knowledge in lifelong learning journey to equip themselves.
PO7Identify the perspective of business practices, risks and limitations.
PO8Work with professional and ethical values.
PO9Formulate the responsibilities of human rights and entrepreneurial spirit.
PO10Understand the methods to communicate effectively and work collectively.

M.Sc Maternal Health Nursing